Should you Sell Backlinks on Your Website?

Every website owner has an inbox full of offers in their mailbox every single single day.

As we all know, the majority are spam. But how about tthosewanting to buy a backlink on your site?

Is it worthwhile to sell backlinks on your site that you worked hard to build up?

And how much exactly do you charge to do it?

Below we’ll get into the juicy details of selling backlinks on your website.

Can You Make a Lot of Money Selling Backlinks on Your Website?

I once bought a link from a website that had amazing metrics for around $60. I was doing some digging, and it seemed they were posting up to 10 articles or more a day. That’s roughly $18,000 per month or $216,000 per year. Their website did eventually go down as Google caught on, but they still did relatively well for the 5 years they were selling backlinks.

The more you sell backlinks on your website, the higher the risk. The fact is, if you have a good website in a popular niche like home or software, you can bank a ton of money. But you need to do it the right way, otherwise, your website will lose traffic over time and eventually become worthless.

Should You Sell Backlinks on Your Website?

Just like when you buy backlinks, you’re essentially participating in link spam according to Google.

However, if you sell backlinks the right way, no one will likely be able to tell.

If you want to sell backlinks, you need to understand HOW to do it. There are going to be many websites that are in shady neighborhoods that would love to get a link off your site, but will then turn around and start spamming their guest post with tier 2 backlinks which can then cause Google to give you a manual penalty.

You need to consider if selling backlinks is worth the risk because there is always going to be a risk even when you are playing by the rules, but selling backlinks can further increase the likelihood of anything going wrong.

It’s common to see websites that sell links look like this over time:

The reason is that over time, they started publishing guest post after guest post until Google caught on that their content had a reduction in quality.

If you do sell backlinks, Google wants you to mark them as rel=”sponsored” over Dofollow, as this indicates that the link has been paid for. This is not against Google’s Terms of Service, however, the rel=”sponsored” links do not pass any link equity over the do follow links. You likely won’t get many people wanting to buy sponsored links either, as everyone is aware that following links pass link equity.

That being said, it’s still possible to sell backlinks the right way, and we’ll explain how to do that.

How to Sell Backlinks THE RIGHT WAY

Don’t link out to just anyone

While it may seem like a no-brainer, you do not want to be linking out to casino websites if your website is in the gardening niche. You want to keep the sites you link out to all related to your niche. The moment you start to link out to other websites that are not related to your niche is the moment Google will start to take notice and start to devalue your site.

You may get away with this for a while, but eventually, Google will catch on, and you will lose all of your traffic. It may be 6 months, 1 year, or 2 years, but I’ve seen it over and over again, it isn’t worth the risk to devolve into a link farm that links out to just any old website. Be smart about who you link out to.

Monitor the backlinks pointing to the pages that are guest posts

A common tactic for some is to start sending tier 2 backlinks from shady websites to “pump up” the value of their backlink from your site. This means they may spam the heck out of your website with spammy domains, and sometimes even up to the 1000s of links. As time goes on, the more shady links pointing to your website, the worse off it is for you.

Make it clear when you are selling backlinks that you will remove the guest post if you find anyone sending tier 2 links to your domain. It will be obvious because they will send it directly to the guest post they paid for. Anyone who is considering utilizing this tactic will pass, and that’s a good thing, as you want to preserve the integrity of your site.

Do not do link insertions

Many people will want to do link insertions, or where to add text somewhere on an article you’ve already written. We don’t suggest doing this as you can start to overload articles with links before you know it, and this can affect your rankings. You do not want to have the pages that are keeping your site running to be at risk of being derailed.

A link insertion here and there for the right price likely won’t hurt but don’t overdo it. We don’t suggest offering it at all and asking for guest posts only.

Require guest posts to be written on a keyword and SEO-optimized

The more in line the guest posts are in line with the content of your website, the more natural it will look, and the more chances you have of the content to rank. Ask everyone to write on keywords that are related to your topic and for them to SEO optimize the article. This not only helps you but also helps the businesses purchasing backlinks to have a better chance of their articles staying indexed.

You can also write all the content yourself, and work around the website that is buying a link from you.

Check the guest posts for AI content

While AI content detectors aren’t perfect, it’s going to be a good idea to check all content that comes in. With ChatGPT being an easy way to save on content writers, it often is easily detectable by Google, and we are seeing pure AI-driven sites being demolished left and right.

Avoid overly optimized anchor text

Unnatural anchor text can be a red flag as well for Google’s algorithm. Avoid having direct match anchor texts as much as possible, and avoid location-based anchors if it is going to seem unnatural for the backlink in question.

How Much Should You Sell a Link For?

Ask two websites with similar metrics what a backlink on their site is worth and you’ll get two different answers. The majority of websites you can buy links from will range from $50-500 (the top end is around $2000 for links on big websites like With that in mind, you should price it a bit higher than the price you want, as it’s common to have link buyers negotiate with you.

So if you have a 30DR site with around 10,000 traffic, you should be able to ask for around $150 for this site and get this price. The less you deal with lowballers, the less you’re going to have to deal with tier 2 backlink spam and having the websites redirect to casino sites.


Selling backlinks can be a great way to make money for your website. If you want to do it all 100% kosher, you can always go for using Sponsor tags on the backlinks rather than follow, so you’re playing by the rules. Don’t be surprised if not many people take you up on your offer though, as this is

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