How to Get High Authority Backlinks

Getting high-authority backlinks is no joke. Getting a mention on sites like, or can skyrocket your rankings.

But how exactly DO you get links on these sites?

Hold on tight, because we’ll go into all the juicy details below.

What are High Authority Backlinks?

When anyone mentions “high authority”, they’re referring to what is known as “Domain Authority” as created by It’s a scale that goes from 1-100, and the higher the number, the more unique referring domains are pointing to the website. We prefer to use “Domain Rating” these days by, because let’s face it, almost no one uses these days.

You can utilize Ahrefs’s Website Authority Checker to check any website’s domain rating. Ahref uses these metrics to help us with quantifying websites:

  • 1. How many unique domains are pointing to the target website
  • 2. Authority of these domains
  • 3. How many unique domains each site links out

Then they crunch some numbers and voila, they have your domain rating as a number. for example has a domain rating of 91:

This is an insanely powerful website with over 3.9m backlinks and 84,000 linking websites pointing to it. While many would argue that “backlinks don’t matter”, the proof is in the pudding.

Now imagine that decided to link out to your website. Considering that Ahrefs does not link out to any website that throws them $200, this is a high-authority backlink that you won’t be able to replicate. If you are in the SEO or marketing industry, snagging a backlink from them is the equivalent of hitting the jackpot.

You have to remember though, that Google does not utilize any “domain authority” metrics and these are solely made up of third-party tools. And DR is not the end all be all. These metrics are often found to be unreliable as many websites out there (aka guest post farms) aren’t shy about pumping up these numbers as high as possible. Anyone can go on Fiverr and pump up their DR to 70+, but these are just spam links and won’t get you anywhere.

These types of links ARE attainable, even for the average Joe. You do however need to be smart about how you go about it.

How to Get High Authority Backlinks?

Even getting “medium authority” backlinks can be a headache without the proper guidance. However, that doesn’t mean that getting high-authority backlinks is impossible. Below we’ll go into some methods you can utilize to get some high-authority backlinks.

Guest Posting

If you think you’re going to be able to send out an outreach email to Ahref’s blog manager and get a reply, well, you’re going to be in for a surprise. Their inbox is likely getting spammed every single day with messages that read “Hello dear sir pls send high-quality backlinks”, so don’t feel too bad if they don’t respond.

That doesn’t mean that guest posting doesn’t work. If your pitch is on point and you’re ready to create some killer content, then you’re going to open up many opportunities. You will need to work on dialing down your pitch AND sending the email to the right person. You don’t want to spam everyone on the Ahrefs’ team in hopes of getting a link, Tim Suolo might come and fight you.


HARO has been a great way for us to get high-quality links for our clients. You can get high-quality links from sites like,,, and even some smaller publications that you wouldn’t otherwise be able to get links from.

This is what a typical HARO query looks like. It’s for the site, which has well over 2 million traffic and 80+ DR. All that’s required from you is to respond to the query, however, you must be an expert here to get properly quoted.

It also has started to cost money, as the platform was receiving a lot of spam from link builders (ahem). Thankfully, it’s likely that with the paid requirement, it’s much easier to get quoted as the journalists are more likely to see your pitches.

Link Exchanges and Swaps

Link exchanges are a great way of getting not just any backlink, but even high-authority backlinks. You will however need to track down the staff members that control the blogs for each given website. You can try LinkedIn, Facebook groups, and Slack channels to try and track them down.

Do be prepared to have another high authority backlink to offer them in return. The websites are typically fairly high in domain rating, so if you want to link back from a blog with 20DR, they likely will pass on it.

PR Outreach

While Zen Backlinks does not focus on public relations type outreach, it is possible to get a lot of high authority backlinks with a single campaign. You do need to be creative to grab journalists’ attention, however, as they are getting spammed every day by PR agencies trying to snag themselves backlinks for their clients.

Another great tactic to try is to create a statistics page like Semrush has done here with their SEO statistics page. You will however need to rank this type of article to get passive backlinks, as many people will search for the term “(insert your niche here) statistics” and then link back to you. In competitive niches, it’s likely not worth the effort as these types of pages are dominated by giants like Semrush.


As backlinks have monetary value, you can always find contributors on high-end sites like who are willing to link out to you for a fee. However, there is always a risk that these links are put on no-follow or the link is removed altogether. These types of links are always expensive as well, coming in at $2000 or more, depending on the site quality.

Also, be aware of shady link sellers who are putting links on indexed pages and making a fortune off of them. Always check if the page has a “no index” tag on it, and if it does, it isn’t worth buying.


High authority backlinks are attainable, and we’ve snagged many of them for our clients. But don’t make it an objective to get as many as you can, especially when you start. Work on creating a powerful backlink profile that will help you for years to come. And that means building links on as many high-quality, niche-relevant sites as you can.

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